Family Vacation Sweden, An Outdoor Adventure In The Beautiful Nature of Varmland

Family vacation in Sweden

Discover this fabulous family vacation in Sweden, Värmland in an adventurous way with the whole family! Here are some tips and ideas for an active outdoor holiday:

  1. Wild camping on islands: Värmland has numerous lakes and rivers, many of which have small, remote islands where you can camp. Rent a canoe and paddle to one of these islets for an evening or two under the stars.
  2. Canoeing: Värmland is a popular destination for canoe trips, with miles of navigable waterways. You can take a day trip or plan a multi-day trip. Many rental companies offer canoes and can also help plan your route.
  3. Cycling: There are many cycling paths in Värmland, both in cities and in the countryside. You can rent bicycles from various rental companies and enjoy the scenery as you cycle through the forest or ride along the lakes.
  4. Hiking: There are many hiking trails in Värmland, ranging from short walks to multi-day hikes. There are also several nature reserves where you can hike and spot wildlife.
  5. Adventure parks: For a real adrenaline rush you can visit one of the adventure parks in the region. Here you can climb, zipline and abseil between the trees.
  6. Fishing: Värmland is known for its good fishing, with trout, salmon and zander being popular catches. Various fishing licenses are available, both for fishing in the lakes and rivers.

In short, Värmland offers countless possibilities for an adventurous family vacation in Sweden with the whole family. Whether you want to canoe, cycle, hike or just enjoy the beautiful nature, there is something for everyone. Have fun!

Värmland one of the most beautiful areas of Sweden

Värmland is indeed a beautiful area in western Sweden, located between Oslo and Stockholm. The area is known for its pristine nature and vast landscapes. There are many lakes, rivers and rapids where you can fish, canoe and raft. You can also go hiking, cycling and horseback riding through the forests, heaths and valleys.

If you are interested in culture and history, you can visit the old town of Karlstad, which is located on the shore of Sweden’s largest lake, Lake Vänern. Here you will also find the Värmlands Museum, where you can learn more about the history and culture of the region. In addition, there are also many craft workshops and galleries where you can buy handmade arts and crafts.

In short, there is plenty to do and see in Värmland for an unforgettable holiday in nature.